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Install NodeJs (LTS 18.17.1) on windows 7

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the all of JavaScript~front-end~back-end (windows 7 user) users need to install latest version of nodejs on OS. But you cannot install that normally.
we have two ways to install on windows 7:
  • Install from latest version that supports windows 7
  • Install that with change Environment variables

first go to nodejs website.

you need to download Windows Binary (.zip)

Extract .zip file in a desired directory like-Program Files or Program Files(x86)

Open Edit Environment variables for your account with search in windows start menu.
in User variables for [% system username account %], click on New button.

add NODE_SKIP_PLATFORM_CHECK on Variable name.
use 1 on Variable Value.

We should add the nodejs file path:

copy the extracted path of the nodejs .zip file.
open again Edit Environment variables for your account but edit the PATH
Add the path

now open command prompt and type node -v. that shows you the version.

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Posted 10 months ago Fahri Farih Kusuma

Didn't know you still use Windows 7 broπŸ˜… but that's useful article for the users who want to install NodeJS! βœ¨πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Keep sharing useful knowledge mate. Thank you.

Posted 10 months ago Omar Fattahi

if some softwares working on windows XP, i'll back to thatπŸ˜‚

Posted 10 months ago Fahri Farih Kusuma