Devslearn Team

Let's meet with our team members

Fahri Farih Kusuma

Founder at Devslearn

Hi, I'm Fahri. I'm a full-stack developer, entrepreneur and owner of Sido Subur. I live in Indonesia and love to code everyday.

Right now we're looking for other devs to help building the site to become first and massive learning haven for all of the developers around the world.

Damar Syah Maulana

Co-Founder at Devslearn

Hello World! I'm Damar Maulana. I'm the founder of RouteMate which is the #1 Route Planner in the world. Besides doing Android Development, I'm also a Web Developer.

Veto Wardana Putra

Co-Founder at Devslearn

Hi, I'm Veto Wardana Putra. I'm a back-end developer. Currently, I work at a Singaporean company named Coconut Lab Pte. Ltd.